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Did God encode the identity of the Messiah within the names and events recorded in the Old Testament? Did he also bypass the understanding of the Old Testament authors and place the identity of the Messiah within the ancient Hebrew Pictographs in such a way that the message could only be accomplished by a Divine hand?
This book reveals God as the author of the Old Testament with stunning evidence that only the most die hard sceptic will deny.
"This book is immensely informative... a must for anyone wanting to know about the times we are living in..." "Bob Mitchell has set out in detail how the 5th empire of Daniel 2:25-45 points to a Revived Rome." In this book you will discover the truth about... The visions of King Nebuchadnezzar and St John that are being fulfilled today through the E.U. and the Roman Catholic Church; The Great Falling away of many top evangelical leaders back to Rome; The link between the mystery religion of ancient Babylon and the Roman Catholic Church; Rome's hatred and persecution of Bible believing Christians throughout history; The Vatican involvement in the politics of the New World Order; Marian visions and the coming Age of Mary; The Vatican dream to revive the Roman Empire with the Roman Catholic Church holding the reigns."
269 pages with Illustrations and References
Prepare to have your world view shattered. Bob Mitchell takes you on a journey from ancient Babylon and Nimrod, the first world ruler, to the strange ceremony the Freemasons carry our every time a new president is elected in the USA invoking a spirit into the new leader, to the EU and its link back to Babylon and the Tower of Babel; to the unsolved, nagging mysteries of 9/11, to the mystical Illuminati symbolism of the 2012 London Olympics hastening a global disaster; to the Vatican and its search for UFOs and an alien saviour; to the strange prophecies of St Malachy regarding the final pope who will take the Roman Catholic Church into the Great Tribulation. All this and more is merely part of the age old preparation for the appearance of the Antichrist and his False Prophet, both of whom will bring such calamity and demonic deception to the earth only to be brought to a halt at the physical return to earth of Jesus Christ. Those days are almost upon us. Be informed and be ready to be shocked by these revelations. 144 pages, over 90 Illustrations and over 230 References.

It is time for the sleeping bride to wake up. As the days grow darker, truth needs to be shouted from the pulpits to awake the comatose, comfortable church. It comes as a shock to many when they discover there is not one verse in the entire Bible that says Jesus is coming back before the rise of the Antichrist. This amazingly informative little book is packed with scriptural reasons for you to share with others and show clearly from the Bible why the church will see the Antichrist before Jesus returns to rapture his elect. It is high time to prepare for the days ahead as Satan prepares for his onslaught on the church through the coming Antichrist. Are you prepared to face the Antichrist and meet Christ after the tribulation or are you hoping for a secret rapture that is never mentioned in the whole of God's word? Read what God's word really says about the rapture and the days that will soon be upon us.

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